Gaming with Cartee - 1v1 Best of Three.

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Gaming with Cartee: – LoL 1v1 Tournament is hosted by “Cartee” Who will be live streaming some of the matches as well as doing commentary on them. Tournament will be held on Saturday 4/7/12 @ 5:00pm EST. Rules of the tournament are as follows:

How to win:

First blood / First Turret / Most minion kills within 20:00 minutes. Best of 3 matches wins.



Disqualifications will be decided by the Officials of the tournament. If you are rude to other participants, break rules, try to move yourself up in the bracket, or general “Trolling” of other players you will be immediately disqualified with no opportunity of continuing in the tournament.



Jungling, using bushes, and farming any creeps other than the ones in your lane is prohibited, any breaking of this rule will result in disqualification.


Can I recall?:

You can recall at anytime as if it was a real game, just keep in mind that if you lose your turret, you lose the match.



Each player will be given three bans, champion select is blind. Bans will be called out in game lobby chat before the game begins.




Players will forfeit their match if they don’t show up within 5 minutes of the round starting. Preparation for each round begins every 1 hour and 5 minutes. (5:00pm, 6:05, 7:10) Etc, you need to show up withing 5 minutes of that time frame in order to not be dropped from the tournament. If you are unable to make it to the tournament, please let me know in advance so that I can allow someone else to play.



There is a guaranteed prize of an RP Card, however, we are allowing donations to the tournament in order to supply a larger amount of RP, or physical item such as CPU/GPU and so on. 




Entrance Fee?:


There will be no enterance fee, however donations are greatly appreciated which will go directly towards the prize and channel stream! Donations can be given through the stream “Chipin” link in the info tab, or simply by sending to paypal: [email protected] All donations are greatly accepted. $10 donation gives you mod to the stream during the tournament!




There is a guaranteed prize to the winner of an undisclosed amount of RP. If we receive donations, prizes will be given to the top 3 placements in the tournament! Come join!

Here is the link to signup:

Stream Channel!:


冠军: Deikan
有价值对手: TarMynastyr


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